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January 2022
January 2022
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Exhibit of Prints From the 2020 Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography at The Grand (5:30 PM EST)
An exhibit of prints from the 2020 Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography will be exhibited in the main entrance of Copeland Hall at The Grand beginning with a reception on Friday, January 7, at 5:30. The prints will be available for viewing until the end of January.
Speaker Temu Nana “The Year Before: Twelve Months, Seven Continents": An Extraordinary Year of Luck, Work, and Opportunity...and Then The World Shut Down” (7:00 PM EST)
In the travel industry, colleagues often compare and compete: number of countries visited, most exotic locations, most remote, craziest stories, etc. It's not unusual to find people that have visited all seven continents—particularly for those that work in expedition travel—but it's exceedingly rare to do it in a calendar year. Without planning it and without fully realizing it was happening until I was on my way to Antarctica, everything fell into place for me in 2019 to achieve this fortunate—and incredibly humbling—milestone. Little did I know that less than three months after I returned from Antarctica the world would change and our industry would collapse, spurring a move across country, a discovery of a new photographic passion, the longest period without travel I ever hope to experience, and the greatest personal and photographic growth in my life. Join me as I relive this incredible year (and a bit more) in images, stories, and, hopefully, a few laughs. DPS member, Temu Nana is a professional tour manager and trip designer for small-group photographic and educational travel. Through his work with Open Sky Expeditions, he has led small groups of photographers on photo expeditions to all seven continents. Most recently, a number of DPS members accompanied him to Easter Island and Antarctica. He has been shooting the night sky for the past 5-6 years and has recently become very immersed in deep space astrophotography, using specialized equipment to capture deep space objects like emission nebula, star clusters, and galaxies. To learn more about Open Sky Expeditions go to No registration required. To attend: On the night of the webinar go to, scroll down to the meeting notice and click on the Zoom Meeting link.

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