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Speaker Program: Rick Sammon Presents Photographing the Wonders of Our World (7:00 PM EST)
Rick Sammon presents: Photographing the Wonders of the World. In this informative and fun-filled presentation, Rick will take us, virtually, from the High Arctic to Antarctica, from Alaska to Africa – and many places in between, including his favorite bird photography locations in Florida. Rick will cover landscape and wildlife photography, composition, exposure, camera settings, photo processing, and the importance of respecting the environment and all its inhabitants.  Rick will also talk about the power of pictures, which is covered in one of his recent books, Photo Therapy, as well as developing an artistic voice, which is covered in another recent book, Photo Quest. Visit with Rick, a Canon Explorer of Light and author of 43 books, beforehand at No registration required. To attend: On the night of the webinar go to, scroll down to the meeting notice and click on the Zoom Meeting link.

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