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November 2020
November 2020
November 2020
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Exhibit of WIEP Prints at The Grand - Canceled due to COVID (5:00 PM EST)
Projected Image - Creative (7:00 PM EST)
Status: Judged
Projected Image - Open (7:00 PM EST)
Status: Judged
Projected Image TEST (11:59 PM EST)
Status: Closed Closed: Tuesday, November 10, 2020 11:59 PM Member Voting is now Closed.
Projected Image - Assigned Subject: Color Contrast (7:00 PM EST)
Status: Judged
Best of the Best: Audio Visual Presentations of the Best Images from the 87th Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography 2020 (7:00 PM EST)
(This webinar is Free and Open to the Public) Please join us to enjoy about 500 images representing some of the best photography in the world. As the in-person exhibition for 2020 was cancelled at the last minute due to Covid-19 concerns, we have created two Audio Visual Presentations of both the winning Projected Images as in the past, and also, new this year, of the Print Images. Presentations include both Accepted Images and the Medal Winners in Projected Images, Photojournalism, and all of the Print categories. The 87th Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography (WIEP) received 2,557 entries from 662 people in 30 different countries worldwide. A few of the countries represented include Great Britain, France, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Australia, and the United States. WIEP is widely regarded as one of the premier photographic competitions in the world, and has achieved Photographic Society of America recognition since at least 1948. There have been many significant highlights in the history of the exhibition. For more information please go to: You can click this link to join the Zoom meeting:   DPS Zoom Meeting (Meeting ID: 873 8747 3100, Passcode: 924601)
Deep Space Astrophotography: Understanding the Basics & How to Get Started (7:00 PM EST)
(This webinar is Free and Open to the Public) The moon, stars, and Milky Way can be captured using conventional photographic techniques, but what about deep space objects like nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies? Can Earth-bound photographers image these dim objects;  how much equipment is needed; and can you get started without breaking the bank? Join Temu Nana for a webinar in which he’ll discuss not only the theory behind shooting deep space objects; why we need to use image stacking and what that technique entails and the associated challenges involved; but also how you can begin to explore this incredible niche of night photography yourself. If you have a lens, DSLR, and tripod, you’re already 75% of the way there! Temu will tell you what  you’ll need—and what you’ll need to expect—to start capturing images like you see here. The universe awaits! DPS member, Temu Nana has been shooting the night sky for the past 5-6 years and has recently become very immersed in deep space astrophotography, using specialized equipment to capture deep space objects like emission nebula, star clusters, and galaxies. Zoom Meeting Link

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