Delaware Photographic Society
Projected Image Competition Rules 2020-2021

The Delaware Photographic Society (DPS) holds competitions to encourage club members to show and improve their photographic work. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the DPS Board suspended print competitions until we can meet at Cokesbury Village safely without timing, distancing, mask, or sanitizing restrictions. We will use the time of the Print competition nights for a second night of PI competitions and will spread these competitions over the two Monday nights to allow more time for comments.  IF, at some time in the future, we can start print competitions again with in-person meetings, we will make adjustments to the schedule to accommodate them.

Digital Projected Image competitions will be held on the second and third Monday in September, October, November, January, February, March and April during the DPS year. The Competition meetings will be completely virtual, using Zoom meetings. These will begin at 7:00 PM, the link to join the meeting can be found in the DPS events calendar. An end-of-the-year competition for Projected-Image-of-the-Year will be held in May.

There will be TWO Projected Image competition nights:

  • The first (2nd Monday of the month) will have:
    • Open Subject (2 entries per member),
    • Creative (1 entry per member)
  • The second (3rd Monday of the month) will have:
    • Assigned Subject (2 entries per member),
    • Image Critiques (2 entries per member)

To be considered for competition, images must be uploaded to the DPS website by midnight of the Friday before competition.

We will have two additional competitions, for the months where we historically have not had competitions: one in the summer (August) and one in December. Both competitions will be online only, no online meeting. August and December competitions will be assigned subject only, no open subject or creative competitions (see the home page for assigned subjects).

The categories for each competition will be: Assigned Subject, Open, and Creative (Altered Reality). All categories, except Creative, will have three classes: Class B, Class A, and Salon. 
Creative will be treated as a single class.

The competitions are open to all current active Delaware Photographic Society members whose dues have been paid prior to the competition. Entries must be photographed using a digital camera or scanned by a digital scanner (including scanned photographic slides or negatives). Digital images entered in all categories must be solely the work of the entrant. This includes any image manipulation.

An accepted image may not be re-entered. Any image that has been previously marked as accepted in a DPS Competition whether in print form or as a projected image may not be re-entered in any later competition.


  • Class B is for members who are new to competitions or are less proficient in preparing images.
  • Class A is for members who are more experienced and more proficient.
  • Salon Class is for members who have demonstrated high skill in image making.

New Members will be assigned to Class B, unless the new member, prior to the start of their first competition year, requests a higher-class ranking. If such a request is made, the requestor’s work (e.g., portfolio) shall be reviewed by the Standards Committee. The Standards Committee may then approve the request.

At the end of the year the Standards Committee may advance members to the next higher class based upon their performance in competition, during the previous one to two years, having demonstrated a significant improvement in photographic proficiency. This can occur until the member is in the Salon Class.

Note: changes to a member’s competition classification shall not be made during a competition year.

JPEG files only (sRGB color space is recommended)
There is no absolute restriction on image or file size when submitting images, but judging will be done using a maximum of 1200x1200 pixels. If images are larger than 1200 pixels they will be scaled down using bi-cubic interpolation to 1200 pixels for the longest side of the image. Images will NOT be scaled up.

Assigned Subject – 2 images (NEW)
Open Subject – 2 images (NEW)
Creative – 1 image
Critique Only - 2 images

Each member, whether competing or not, may submit one or two additional images in the competition website for discussion into the Critique Only "competition". For image critique sessions, we will ask Salon club members to lead discussion/critiquing of submitted images. We will ask all Salon members to participate on a rotating basis.

These images will be anonymously presented individually for open discussion. The discussion period will be regulated at each meeting by the President and Projected Image Director. If time runs out before all of the discussion images are viewed, the images that were not shown may be presented or entered to a later meeting for discussion. A key purpose of these images is to provide positive feedback to help the member refine the image.

A list of Assigned Subjects is published in “The Reflector”. Assigned subject competitions are conducted in all classes. All images that are to be entered in the Assigned Subject category for the 2020-2021 DPS year must have been captured after August 12, 2019.

Any image taken by the club member, at any time, may be entered in the Open category, with the exception of images previously marked as accepted in earlier competitions. Club members are requested to use discretion and propriety when submitting images in this category. The Open category has no date, technique or subject requirement.

Creative, also known as Altered Reality, is intended to encourage experimental or non-traditional work. The image may be whatever the maker wants it to be. Images must have been manipulated to a form that could not have been captured in the camera. There are no date requirements for the creative category.

All Digital images must be entered through the Members website at least three (3) days prior to the Digital Competition (the deadline is midnight Friday prior to the Monday meeting).

Images will be considered “accepted” if the total score awarded for the image is in the top 25-30% of the scores – ranked high to low.

All competitions will be judged BEFORE the competition night (Saturday + Sunday). Results will be announced and shown at the competition night (we will show all entries with their scores (low to highest) not just the accepted images).  Accepted images will be identified when scores are displayed.  As in past competitions judged images will be displayed and grouped by competition classes.  The website only permits displaying total scores for judged images. Judges will be asked to also critique the images while judging, using the software’s critique functionality.

People’s Choice voting will be available for all competitions (Saturday +Sunday); these results will also be announced at the meetings.  Only the highest scoring People’s Choice image will be displayed when judging results are announced.

Exhibitors are responsible for adhering to the competition rules set forth. The Projected Image Director may disqualify any image that does not conform to the rules of the competition.

Reasons for disqualification include (but are not limited to):
The Image(s) submitted for Assigned Subject does not meet the Assigned Subject criteria.

The Image did not originate with the person submitting the images.

The image is recognized as having been entered and accepted in a previous competition without regard to the year entered and accepted.

Identification marks, names, titles or honors appear on the image(s).

Cumulative scores will be kept for each member in each category and class. First, Second, and Third place brass plates will be awarded to the top three members in each category and class. In case of a tie the member who entered the most images in that class and category will prevail. Other awards can be awarded at the discretion of the Projected Image Director.

A Projected-Image-of-the-Year (PIOY) competition will be held in May. Each competitor may enter all of his or her accepted images for judging. All entries must have been entered and accepted during the current competition year in Class B, Class A, Salon and Creative. There is no distinction between Assigned, Open and Creative subjects in the PIOY.

Three qualified judges, who are not members of the Delaware Photographic Society, shall jury the PIOY competition. One image will be chosen as the Projected-Image-of- the-Year and winner of the Morris James award. Up to 10 Honorable Mentions will be awarded in each class with a limit of one HM per entrant.

By virtue of submitting your entry, you permit DPS to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication and/or display in media related to the Society.

The Delaware Photographic Society will take all reasonable care to ensure that all submitted images appear before the judges and are entered in the correct Class. However, the Delaware Photographic Society cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions in this regard. Entering the contest signifies your acceptance of this notice.

Mark Lieberman, Projected Image Director (


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