Virtual Competitions


With the Corona virus pandemic, we will not be able to use the Cokesbury Village facility, nor meet as a club anywhere else. Therefore, we will be trying something new: instead of meeting in person, these competitions will be held virtuallyvia web meetings. As scheduled on April 13 DPS will have a realtime cyber Projected Image competition in the form of an online web meeting for everyone to watch (details to be announced). Please submit your images by April 10th at midnight as usual. We will send out a link to this web meeting ahead of time and will also put that information on our DPS website. When you join the web meeting you will be able to see the images as they’re being scored by a panel of 3 judges, almost as if you were in the room on competition night. The scores or results and will also be sent to you by email as usual. The end-of-year PI competition will also be held in the same way as a web meeting.

Thanks to the generosity of Richard Herrmann, who has been a judge in our competitions many times, we will be using Zoom for running these meetings. If you do not already have the Zoom client, you will be prompted to download and install it when you try to connect the first time. As that may take a bit of time and may require a reboot, you are strongly encouraged to install it before the virtual competition. You can install Zoom from . Feel free to invite me ( or Gary Altoonian ( for a quick test meeting or send me a note to invite you.

If you're curious: we have recorded the Critique Only part of the April PI competition where judges and members provide comments and feedback on submitted images. Click here to see the recording.


The Photo Show competition will be held on April 27, 7pm to 9pm.
You can join the web meeting by clicking on this link:  Photo Show Competition

Details for the entering the Photo Show competition can be found HERE


The Projected Image of the Year competition will be held on May 11, 7pm to 9pm.
You can join the web meeting by clicking on this link:  Projected Image PIOY Competition

Details for the Projected Image of the Year (PIOY) competition: After the April Projected Image competition has been judged and completed, all selected entries from all the monthly PI competitions will automatically be entered into the year-end Projected Image of the Year competition. This is different from previous years: in order to make it as easy for you as possible, ALL selected images are automatically entered. The alternative would be for each member having to pick from their selected images and explicitly entering their choices into the PIOY competition. All members who have at least one selected entry will receive an email listing all of their selected images (very similar to the confirmation emails for the monthly competitions). It is highly recommended that you review that list and let the competition manager ( know of any images you do NOT wish to enter into the PIOY competition, so they can be taken out. Including only the number of images you wish to have considered will help reduce the burden on the judges who will have to view and score them. 


A Note about Zoom meetings: You may have seen reports in the news and on social media about security concerns with Zoom meetings -- these concerns primarily relate to default settings for Zoom meetings that allow anyone to join meetings and to share their screen. Zoom has just rolled out some changes to these settings and will continue to improve their security and privacy settings. The meetings for DPS all have passwords enabled (encoded in the link) and do not allow participants to share their screen unless given permission by the host.


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