2015 Projected Image of the Year

Projected Image-of-the-Year honors are awarded for images adjudicated as the best of all the images submitted during the competitive season. During the year, monthly "Projected Image" competitions select the top 30% of images with the highest scores. These images are considered "Selected Images" and are eligible for the annual competition.

Projected Image of the Year


"Last Stick for the Nest!"

Delaware Photographic Society - competition results

2015 Projected Image of the Year : Monday, May 11, 2015

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Projected Image of the Year

Score Title/Description Entrant
25    Last Stick for the Nest! Sanjib Bhattacharyya

Class B Honor Awards

23    A'round Manhattan Cynthia Lee
22    Wet Landing at Oakley ST-2 Eugene Mitchell, Jr.
22    Star Bright Rose Gillen
21    Fork Christopher Powell
21    Ribblehead Christopher Powell
21    Canyon Pines Jane Maguigan
21    Cappadocia Tom Lovatt
21    Skyscraper at Arches Tom Lovatt
21    Flying Bird of Orchid Tom Lovatt
21    Night Stroll Tony Basilio
21    Waiting Tony Basilio

Class A Honor Awards

25    Ram Framed Susan Peter
24    Attack David Osberg
24    So Far So Good David Osberg
24    Dawn Roundup David Osberg
24    Food Fight David Osberg
24    Pre-Dawn Roundup David Osberg
24    Black-Crowned Night-Herons 7 David Osberg
24    Probable Food Fight Coming David Osberg
24    Leading Them Home David Osberg
23    Bird of Paradise Judith Brown
22    Rosy Spirals Gary Regulski
22    Antelope Canyon Karen Purdy
22    Bombay Hook Sunrise Karen Purdy
22    Lake Ndutu Traffic-2 Margaret Hennes
23    Working the Snow Peter Lindtner

Salon Honor Awards

24    Dune Ride at Dusk Dee Langevin
24    Fishing in the Mist Dee Langevin
24    Pyramid Lake Sunrise Dee Langevin
24    Gotcha Jerry am Ende
24    Houskeeping Marvin Gerstein
23    Santorini Sunset 4 Tom Tauber
23    Golden Gate at Dusk Tom Tauber
22    Point of Intrest Helen Gerstein
22    Mr Crockett Helen Gerstein
22    Frost Garden Karl Leck
22    Mud Mad Man Karl Leck
22    Wedding Moment Lynn Troy Maniscalco

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