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Webinar: The Art of Landscape Photography, by Dr. Kah-Wai Lin (6:00 PM EDT)
Delaware Photographic Society Presents a Zoom Webinar: The Art of Landscape Photography by Dr. Kah-Wai Lin When: Tuesday August 25th at 6:00 PM EST Pre-registration required: Click here to register In his webinar, Dr. Kah-Wai Lin will give you pro tips in seeing the unseen and crafting bet-ter images in landscape photography. He will tell you how to use light to create visual emo-tion; how to use long exposure to create visual dynamism; how to use field of vision to create visual perspective; and how to use composi-tion to create visual continuity and story.  Dr. Kah-Wai Lin is a pro-fessional landscape photographer based in New Jersey. He is the Goodwill Ambassador and former Chapter, Clubs and Councils Vice President of Photographic Society of America (PSA). Dr. Lin is the director of Global Elite Photographer, ambassador & education advisor of NiSi, ambassador & global marketing advisor of Fotopro, ambassador & global marketing advisor of Feiyu, pro team of Spiffy Gear, and ambassador & international liaison officer of Studio of Mas-ters. He also operates a camera store, Stetinden Photo, in New Jersey. Over the past few years, he has presented over 200 seminars worldwide, and has received over 200 awards in photographic contests. Notably, he is the recipient of a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from a US Member of Congress. To learn more about Dr. Kah-Wai Lin go to

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