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September 2022
September 2022
September 2022
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DPS 2022-2023 Kickoff Wine & Cheese Party via Zoom (BYO Wine & Cheese) (7:00 PM EDT)
The 2022-2023 DPS year begins with a Kickoff meeting where you will learn everything and more about the upcoming year. You will learn about the planned events of the year: Education Nights; Competitions; Programs; and Special Events. Additionally you'll learn about all of the opportunities you have as a DPS member to show off your photography. These include Projected Image and Print competitions and PSA Interclub Competitions. You'll learn how to enter images for possible publication in the 2024 PNC calendar. The complete agenda of what will be discussed is below. If you know of someone who would benefit from joining DPS, invite them to attend this informative meeting. During the meeting you are encouraged to ask any questions you need answered. Remember to bring cheese, crackers and your libation of choice to this meeting. Agenda for DPS First (BYO Wine & Cheese) Zoom Meeting Preview of the Year Ahead, September 12, 2022 Welcome – Mark Lieberman Welcome Remarks Introduction of Board Members and other Chairs (5-7 minutes) Education – Judith Lesnaw Explanation of upcoming Education Night topics Programs – Margaret Hennes & Susan Peter Brief review of upcoming programs Photo Processing Workshop – Gary Altoonian Brief overview of workshop Field Trips – Catherine Woodfield Review of planned/potential Field Trips How information on trips is disseminated Standards Committee – Gary Bryde Other committee members: Mike Parry and Pat Bushey Explanation of Competition Classes (B, A, Salon) Explanation of promotion process (note that new members are automatically assigned to Class B) Offer to review images for those requesting reclassification Competition - General – Karl Leck/Mark Leary What is competition? Why do we have competitions? Print and Projected Assigned, Open, & Creative Number of entries 2022-2023 Assigned Subjects – and where to find the information Judging – who judges – scoring Information Technology – Peter Forster Ex

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